mercoledì 2 marzo 2016

MammaMoi: Nice to Meet You!!

by Moira Prete
 Immagine MammaMoi scritta e palloncini

Hi Guys!!


Ready to go with the English version of MammaMoi!!

Do you think I’m going to translate ALL my blog into English? ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?!

No no! It takes A LOT of work just writing in my own language. I don’t think I have the energy to translate all the material but … who knows? I might enjoy it and change my mind!

Never set limits!!!

Let’s start from the beginning. It could be nice if I introduce myself. So … this is me:

Ciao Raga!
My name is Moira, I am Italian (better to write all the details!), I am a pharmaceutical chemist and actually I am a pharmacist. (I’d like to tell you how old I am but the keyboard doesn’t want to write my age so let’s say I am “quite” a young woman). Overall I am a MUM!!! I love to be the mum of my daughter!
Do you want to know what I speak about in my blog?
I touch on quite a lot of topics about children, but mainly I speak about how Homeopathy can help mums and children.
Why do I have this blog? First of all because I enjoy it! I think this is the main reason.
I decided to share my professional (as a pharmacist) and personal (as a mum) experience of this beautiful and hard world of babies and children. This is my personal way to be mum. I think that knowing different experiences can give people new ideas or different points of view. But you can also think: “Ok … this is not my way!”.

Are you curious to know what I wrote on MammaMoi? Let’s visit my blog … (Ops! You are already here!).
Come and have a look!
And if you do not know Italian … at the moment you can ask to Google Translator …

See you soon!!! (Perhaps)

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